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Melbourne 2005 - хронология

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хронология гонки

сб обедTakuma Satoпокинули трассу - водительские ошибки
Kimi Räikkonenостановка рейса
Michael Schumacher, Tiago Monteiroобгон
David Coulthard, Mark Webber, Christijan Albersпопытка обгона
17Christijan Albersпокинули трассу - неизвестно
Fernando Alonso, Jacques Villeneuveобгон
Felipe Massaводительские ошибки
Fernando Alonso, Jarno Trulliобгон
43Michael Schumacher, Nick Heidfeldпокинули трассу - столкновение
Great season-debut for Renault
In the first Qualifying the unsteady weather shuffles the starting grid. Fisichella leads 2. seconds to Trulli and gains another second in the second qualifying session. Michael Schumacher starts only from the 19th place.

In the race there is remarkably few overtaking, despite the mixed starting grid. Fisichella drives away in front and loses the lead only during pitstops.

The biggest surprise is Red Bull, although the team had much luck during qualifying, Coulthard shows that the car is competitive.

Alonso's performance as he drives from 13th place to the podium shows the real potential of the Renault. Also Alonso was pretty much the only driver who overtook others on the track.

In the end, Fisichella wins easily the grand prix.

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