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Imola 1994 - хронология

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хронология гонки

пт.Rubens Barrichelloпокинули трассу - несчастный случай
сб обедRoland Ratzenbergerпокинули трассу - аэродинамика, шасси
началоJ J Lehto, Pedro Lamyпокинули трассу - столкновение
1начало работы машин безопасности
5конец работы машин безопасности
6Erik Comasпокинули трассу - техническое обслуживание
6Ayrton Sennaпокинули трассу - руль
начать заново рейс
17Gerhard Bergerпокинули трассу - тяговый привод
18Olivier Berettaпокинули трассу - мотор
24Bertrand Gachotпокинули трассу - мотор
28David Brabhamпокинули трассу - руль
38Pierluigi Martiniпокинули трассу - водительские ошибки
41Gianni Morbidelliпокинули трассу - мотор
45Michele Alboretoпокинули трассу - подвеска
50Andrea de Cesarisпокинули трассу - водительские ошибки
55Christian Fittipaldiпокинули трассу - тормозы
The catastrophy in Imola
Imola 94 will be remembered as a complete desaster for a long time.

On Friday, Barrichello has a severe crash and nearly suffocates unconciously.

On Saturday, Ratzenberger crashes into a wall with high speed and is dead immedeately.

At the start of the race, Lamy hits Lehto and 4 spectators are hit and lightly injured by debris.

On lap 6 Senna's steering fails and he crashes into a wall and is severely injured.

After that, the race is restarted on aggregate with Schumacher dominating the second part.

Finally Alboreto loses a wheel in the pitlane and injures mechanics in the Ferrari and Lotus boxes.

Because of all these events, the achievements of the drivers are completely overshadowed, nevertheless Schumacher wins in front of Larini and Hakkinen.

In the evening Senna dies because of his head injuries.

It may sound cynical, but because of the terrible events on that day the safety in Formula 1 was massively improved, the track in Imola was changed and several security regulations were added.

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