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Suzuka 2005 - хронология

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хронология гонки

1Takuma Sato, Rubens Barrichelloстолкновение
1Rubens Barrichelloколеса
1Kimi Räikkonen, Juan Pablo Montoyaсоприкосновение машин
1Juan Pablo Montoya, Jacques Villeneuveпокинули трассу - столкновение
начало работы машин безопасности
конец работы машин безопасности
8Michael Schumacher, Christian Klienобгон
8Kimi Räikkonen, Felipe Massaобгон
9Fernando Alonso, Christian Klienобгон
10Kimi Räikkonen, Jacques Villeneuveобгон
10Antonio Pizzoniaпокинули трассу - водительские ошибки
10Jarno Trulli, Takuma Satoпокинули трассу - столкновение
11Christian Klien, Fernando Alonsoюридический
13Fernando Alonso, Christian Klienобгон
14Kimi Räikkonen, Christian Klienобгон
20Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacherобгон
28Fernando Alonso, David Coulthardобгон
30Kimi Räikkonen, Michael Schumacherобгон
33Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacherобгон
Christijan Albersпит-стоп
42Robert Doornbos, Narain Karthikeyanобгон
43Fernando Alonso, Jenson Buttonобгон
49Fernando Alonso, Mark Webberобгон
53Kimi Räikkonen, Giancarlo Fisichellaобгон
Won from grid position 17
The weekend starts with bad luck for Räikkonen: On Friday his engine fails (again) and he has to go back 10 positions on the starting grid. (again)

But during qualifying it is wet and it starts to rain more and more heavily. All top-drivers have to start from the back: Alonso from position 16, Räikkonen from 17 and Montoya from 18. Only Fisichella goes into the race from grid position 3.

So the race starts with many overtaking right from the beginning. Montoya retires quite early, but Räikkonen and Alonso gain positions quite fast.

During the first round of pit stops, Räikkonen can pass Alonso. After the second round it looks like Räikkonen is doing just one pit stop and going for a sure - and seemingly easy - win. However Räikkonen has to go to the pits and falls behing Fisichella but is able to regain the lead in the last lap!

Räikkonen surely performed extremely well, but Alonso's performance is also noticable: Because of rather unlucky pit stops, he has to overtake a lot of drivers on the track and is able to get from grid position 16 to final position 3.

Dissapointing is Fisichella. With position 3 on the starting grid and the nearest car from a top-team 13 places behind him, he should have won the race easily.

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